Hagerstown airport

Welcome to our website. If you want to find more information about the Hagerstown regional airport flights and the Hagerstown airport as a whole, you are in the right place. We are offering you all the necessary information so you can make the most out of your trip. Despite being a small airport, it does provide immediate access to great features and it’s reasonably sized too. It’s particularly great for private flights, but it’s also good for regional flights too.

Hagerstown regional airport

Hagerstown regional airportThe Hagerstown regional airport was opened in 1928 and it had only 60 acres in total. Then it was purchased by the city of Hagerstown and since then its name has changed. That being said, it’s important to note that this facility is known for the fact that it offered and still offers commercial flights to the region, a very interesting thing that a lot of people don’t actually know about this place to begin with.

In addition, the Hagerstown also offers regional flights and it can help with a whole lot of flight types. It has around 280 ha and it comes with two asphalt paved runways. They did open a new aviation hangar recently, a testament to their focus on making the flight experience better and more convenient.

While there aren’t a huge amount of flights to and from the Hagerstown MD airport, this is a very important airport for the region from a historical standpoint. It’s certainly unique and it will impress you again and again with its outstanding ideas and quality time that you can find in there.

Airport flights (flights from Hagerstown md)

The Hagerstown airport flights are offered by Allegiant Air and Southern Airways express. The Allegiant Hagerstown Airport flights are seasonal, and they go to Orlando, St Petersburg and Clearwater. The Southern Airways Express goes to Baltimore and Pittsburg. This really goes to show that Hagerstown does bring in front some impressive and exciting opportunities. The Hagerstown MD airport is very convenient and unique, and it also has all the facilities you want. At the same time it’s focused on privacy and comfort, something that you always want to get from an airplane trip. And you will be quite impressed with it and the features that you can receive as a whole.

Hagerstown md airport location

The Hagerstown regional airport is located in Hagerstown, Maryland. Getting to it is super easy and convenient. People that love flying from this region to other places will find it convenient and very handy. Plus, the Hagerstown MD airport does provide you with all the value and features that you always wanted. It’s as distinct as it is interesting, and the results are among some of the best all the time. You do need to consider visiting the Hagerstown airport because it’s unique, it stands out and it does bring in front some nice features all the time. You do need to check it out at the very least, so you should visit it if you want to explore the region. It will be a great experience!

Hagerstown md airport location